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  1. Jushakar 1 year ago

    My mail man delivers in the snow. Some would argue that he's an extremist mail carrier.

  2. Akinojora
    Akinojora 1 year ago

    Hmm juste parfait.

  3. Faem
    Faem 1 year ago

    My son keeps kissing my boo-boo on my nose. He entertained his 96-year-old grandfather this morning. As he noted my son had all these toys but had fun drumming on empty cardboard boxes. My wife and I are a bit anxious by hosting her grandfather at our house because her parents don't have a bedroom on the main floor and we smartly bought a ranch (especially with my knee issue).

  4. Nirisar
    Nirisar 1 year ago

    This my fresh main beatoff lady

  5. Temuro
    Temuro 1 year ago

    She's so hot you look a lot like my ex

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